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The Third Academic Salon Grade 2017 and 2018 (29 November, 2019) Faculty of Education
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The Faculty of Education, Southwest University has the appropriate program for PhD and Masters’ International students, therefore during the academic section the faculty engage students to presents their thesis topic along with thorough plan for their studies. The agenda is to provide academic support and effective feedback to students who are on the way to thesis journey.

The Salon was attended by header teacher Ling Zhou , Associate Professor Hou Yuna and   Qian Zhang, Academic staff, GradeIII, II and Grade I students’ along with  four representatives from  Grade II. Held in Education Department on Friday 29 November, 2019.

The specific objectives of the academic salon were the following:

Topic 1: PhD or Master Proposal preview

Topic II: the literature review on the area of your study


Lessons learned:

Some of the lessons learned are the following:

Increased awareness and growing clarity while topic selection and approaches used to provide the evidence to the selected topic.

Specifying research objectives and questions.

The effective way to find out significance of research topic and how to use key words to drive literature review around the topic.

Before going for the research action plans for specific selected topic how to evaluate other research studies. However, putting the action plan into practice is one thing and following up is another thing altogether.

The awareness and as practitioners role of knowledge contribution to the society.

No doubt, academic salon is a good opportunity to foster the networking among practitioners and the sharing of knowledge on research.


Author:Nguyen Van Thang (Victor)

Editor:Ling Zhou